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Adam Kashmiry

Adam image_2

Adam is a performer, a trans activist, and an inspirational speaker. He has made his professional debut as an actor in a theatre production called ADAM as part of the Fringe 2017. The play won the Fringe First award, the Scottish arts club award and was shortlisted for Amnesty’s international award for free speech. Adam won a Herald Angel award for his role in the play as well as being nominated for an Offies award 2018.
Adam also presented a talk on TEDx Glasgow 2018 in which he addresses the issues Trans people face. He also has a YouTube channel in which he talks about his Transition and any related topic.

Çağdaş Duman

Image of Cagdas

Çağdaş Duman currently pursues his master’s degree in English Literature in the Department of Western Languages and Literatures at Boğaziçi University. For his master’s thesis, he is exploring the relation between HIV/AIDS stigma and (hetero)temporal as well as (hetero)spatial normativities, seeking to find queer theatrical possibilities in the theatre of HIV/AIDS. Recently, he has presented a paper entitled “Witchcraft and Feminist World-Making: Luca Guadagnino’s Remake of Suspiria” at Istanbul Bilgi University as part of the conference Female Agency and Subjectivity in Film and Television (2019).

Gamze Hamamcıoğlu

Gamze image
Gamze Hamamcıoğlu completed her B.A. in English Language and Literature at Bilkent University (2016). Throughout her undergrad years, she was the vice president of Bilkent Renkli Düşün/Think Colorfully (LGBTQ+ community). Now, she continues her study as MA student in the department of communication and design at Bilkent University. Her master thesis will be on genderqueer performance artists who use their bodies to dismantle normative identities.

Gina Maya Roberts

Gina Maya
Gina Maya Roberts is a Doctoral Researcher and teacher at the University of Edinburgh, and her research is on Global Transgender Narratives. She has published articles on trans identity at the NORMA Journal of International Masculinity Studiesand Edinburgh FORUM, and presented several conference papers on representations of trans in popular culture. She is also a community activist and blogger on trans issues.

Nathan Gale

Nathan Gale image

Nathan has over a decade of experience in human rights activism, and has particular expertise in disability and trans equality. Alongside their legal studies Nathan worked as policy officer at the Scottish Transgender Alliance where they lead on the organisation’s same-sex marriage campaign. They wrote a number of trans specific amendments to the draft law which were included in the resultant legislation. Shortly before leaving the STA Nathan was instrumental in launching the equal recognition campaign – calling for legal gender recognition reform, including recognition for non-binary people. Having qualified as a lawyer Nathan worked with TGEU (Transgender Europe) on a project which culminated in them authoring “Oppression Squared: D/deaf and Disabled Trans Experiences in Europe.”

Jonah I. Garde

Jonah Garde_Photo1 (1)
Jonah Garde is a PhD student at University of Bern and a participant of the Swiss Graduate School in Gender Studies. Since 2018 they hold a scholarship from the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation for their PhD thesis on trans* temporalities. In autumn 2018 they have been a visiting fellow at the Chair for Transgender Studies at the University of Victoria, B.C. to conduct research in the Transgender Archives. Jonah received their diploma in Development Studies from the University of Vienna and their thesis on “Cripping Development” has been published by Peter Lang in 2015. They have been teaching on bodies and sexualities in critical development studies, temporalities and non-normative bodies as well as representations of disability in popular culture and arts. Together with filmmaker and artist Nick Prokesch they organize trans*screenings – a monthly screening series in Vienna aiming to amplify films by and about trans* people and positions usually marginalized by mainstream media.

Serena Visser

Serena Visser photo

Serena Visser (she, hers) is a registered clinical social worker living in Lethbridge, Alberta, on the traditional territory of the Siksikaitsitapi people in western Canada. She has spent much of her career working as a therapist in community and post-secondary settings. Currently, Serena is an instructor in the University of Calgary’s Faculty of Social Work, Southern Alberta Region, and is completing her first year in her PhD program in Cultural Social and Political Thought at the University of Lethbridge.

Rajesh Barik

Rajesh Barik image

Mr. Rajesh Barik is a Doctoral student at School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Indore. His research work focuses on the area of financial inclusion, financial literacy, gender poverty, gender gap in financial inclusion, poverty reduction, human development, gender development, gender discrimination, social exclusion, social policy etc. He has published his academic works in reputed national and international journals. He has also attended numerous conference and workshops on the area of financial inclusion, gender poverty, and gender development in various academic institutions.
Website: https://iiti.academia.edu/RajeshBarik
Email: rajeshbarik195@gmail.com

Shadia Nakimbugwe

Shadia image

I’m Shadia Nakimbugwe, I’m Ugandan and 29 years old. I’m a graduate from Makerere University with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Management and I have acquired different qualifications and trainings in gender studies. I work with Tranz Network Uganda as a Network and advocacy officer since July 2017. I like my job because I work with different communities to advocate for LGBT rights by creating awareness through sensitizing the people about LGBT rights since such people are discriminated in Uganda.
Apart from that, I’m also self-employed. I work as a director at Shadia House of Fashion since 2017. Recently early this year I have started a small factory for making peanut butter which is extracted out of Simsim and groundnuts.

Gerardo Contreras

Gerardo Contreras Ruvalcaba image

Gerardo Contreras is research assistant in the Area of Reproductive and Sexual Rights of the Center of Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE), Mexico, and is finishing his undergraduate studies in Public Policy by the same institution. He has collaborated as junior researcher in Mexican and Colombian feminist organizations, and his research is focused on identity and law enforcement, particularly about War on Drugs, through queer theory. He has published at regional journals and write a monthly column in the digital magazine Quintaesencia.

Twitter: @00Ger

Giuseppe Zago

Giuseppe Zago image

Giuseppe Zago is a PhD student in Law at Northumbria University in Newcastle Upon Tyne. His current research focuses on the treatment of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender prisoners, critiquing the ways international human rights are enforced in national jurisdictions. His PhD combines legal analysis with qualitative interviews to prisoners in England and Wales, and Italy.
Previously, Giuseppe has worked as a researcher on comparative sexual orientation law at Leiden Law School and contributed to the development of the LawsAndFamilies Database, which contains the results of a legal survey about families and laws beyond different-sex marriages among selected legal experts in over 20 European countries. His main academic interests are in the area of human rights law, gender and sexuality.

Stephanie McKendry

Stephanie McKendry photo

Dr Stephanie Mckendry has over 18 years’ experience in various teaching, learning and research roles in higher education. Since 2014, she has led the Widening Access Team at the University of Strathclyde, with responsiblity for increasing opportunities and removing barriers to study and success for those from widening access backgrounds and has supported the Commissioner for Fair Access through a secondment to the Scottish Government since 2016.

Her research interests span widening participation; under-representation and the intersection between access and equality; and the experience of young adult carers and students from looked after/care backgrounds. Most recently, she led the award winning TransEDU research project exploring the experiences of trans and gender diverse applicants, students and staff in Scotland’s colleges and universities.

Nic Aaron

Nic Aaron photo

Nic Aaron is a PhD student at the University of Bristol. Their research examines the ways in which the criminal justice system reproduces rape culture, from a queer and prison abolitionist perspective.


Yv Nay

Yv E. Nay image

Dr Yv E. Nay is a visiting professor for Gender and Politics at the Department of Political Science at the University of Vienna. Prior to joining the University of Vienna, Yv was a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Gender & Women’s Studies and member of the Transgender Studies Research Cluster at the University of Arizona, postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Gender Studies of London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), postdoctoral fellow of the Institute for Cultural Inquiry ICI Berlin, a visiting fellow at Columbia University, and a research and teaching fellow at the Universities of Zurich and Basel. Yv’s work is concerned with the imaginaries and lived experiences of queer and transgender kinship formations, the transforming notions of gender and sexuality within political realms, and the ambivalences of affect in politics. Yv’s publications include “Feeling Family” (2017), “‘Happy as in Queer’—The Affective Paradoxes of Queer Families” (Sociologus, 2015) and “The Atmosphere of Trans* Politics in the Global
North and West” (Transgender Studies Quarterly, 2019).
Contact: yvnay@univie.ac.at

Peter Dunne

Peter Dunne image

Peter Dunne (he/him) is a lecturer at University of Bristol Law School. His research focuses on the intersections of law, sexuality and gender. Peter is particularly interested in policies for the regulation of identity. He has previously undertaken EU-funded research on trans and intersex non-discrimination frameworks across the European Union. He is currently engaged in an SLSA-funded project, exploring the voice of trans children in relation to legal gender recognition.

Kumud Rana

Kumud Rana

Kumud Rana is a doctoral candidate at the University of Glasgow. Her project focuses on the LGBTI+ movement in Nepal and its relationship to regional/global discourses/resources on LGBT organising. Kumud has an MA in International Development from the International Institute of Social Studies, the Hague (Erasmus University). She is interested in postcolonial, decolonial and critical development studies, and has published on a range of issues pertaining to the global South. She was in the organising committee of the Glasgow Gifford Lectures by Professor Judith Butler (1-3 Oct 2018), and hosted the Gifford Seminar with Professor Butler at the University of Glasgow.

Matthew Waites

Matthew Waites

Dr Matthew Waites is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Glasgow and has published internationally on issues of sexual orientation, gender identity and human rights. Publications include The Global Politics of LGBT Human Rights special issue of Contemporary Politics in 2009, and Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Commonwealth: Struggles for Decriminalisation and Change (School of Advanced Study, 2013). Pronouns: he/they.

Melz Meshach Owusu

Melz image image by Martha Ibukun

Melz is a non-binary decolonial theorist, activist, and artist they have spoken on decoloniality across the country and around the world. Melz is passionate about decolonising knowledge and spaces and writes extensively about this in their music and poetry. They have worked with platforms such as TEDx, The Huffington Post and The Tate Modern offering poetic, musical, and theoretical responses to some of the most critical issues facing our society and political system.

Michael Toze

Dr Michael Toze is a Research Fellow in the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Lincoln. His research focuses upon ageing, health and LGBT experiences, and particularly the experiences of trans people. He is the author of ‘The Risky Womb and the Unthinkability of the Pregnant Man’, and ‘Developing a Critical Trans Gerontology’. He is also a long-standing volunteer with LGBT and trans support organisations.

Sade Kondelin

SadeKondelin image

Sade Kondelin is a doctoral candidate at the University of Turku. Their research concerns trans-related knowledge-production in Finland, focusing on the complex relationships between experience and expertise in epistemic practices involving marginalized lives. Their publications include research articles in the SQS and lambda nordica journals, as well as a co-edited trans studies special issue of Sukupuolentutkimus – Genusforsking (“Gender Studies”) in 2017. Beyond – although in many ways connected to – their academic activities, they participate in various forms of activism related to livable trans lives, revitalization of the Karelian language and culture, and solidarity between marginalized groups and individuals.

Rosa Targett

Rosa Targett image

Rosa Targett is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology, Politics and International Studies (SPAIS) at the University of Bristol. Their research is concerned with the practical application of intersectionality to feminist activist politics; the tensions between theory and praxis in this context; and the ways in which bodies and embodiment impact upon participation in activism.

Stephen Whittle

Stephen Whittle

Stephen is Professor of Equalities Law: the Manchester Law School, Manchester Metropolitan University. Stephen is also head of Legal services for Press For Change, the UK’s Trans Lobby Group which seeks Respect & Equality for ALL Trans people. In 2006 he was a co-author of the Yogyakarta Principles on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Human Rights. In 2007 Stephen was the first non-doctor and the first Trans person to be elected President of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). One of his proudest moments (other than marrying his wife in 2005) was in 2009, when the WPATH membership voted, unanimously, for Human Rights to be at the heart of the WPATH International Standards of Care for the Health of Transsexual, Transgender, and Gender Nonconforming People v.7.

Jay Latarche of Sister Not Cister

jay (1)


Jay Latarche works within the field of morpho-syntax and endangered languages. They are also involved in various grass roots activist organisations with a large focus within transgender activism.

Harry Josephine

Harry Josephine image

Harry Josephine Giles is a writer and performer from Orkney, now living in Edinburgh, and studying for a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Stirling. They also write, lecture and campaign on gender diversity and neurodiversity issues, and on borders, prisons and psychiatry from an abolitionist perspective. Their latest book is ‘The Games’ from Out-Spoken Press, shortlisted for the 2016 Edwin Morgan Poetry Award. http://www.harrygiles.org

Mar Fournier Pereira

Mar Fournier Pereira image

Mar Fournier Pereira is a doctoral student in Lille University, researching on biopolitics and the intersections of class, race, gender and sexuality in the discourses and practices in the city of San José, Costa Rica. He is trained in Psychology, and has a Masters in Communication and Development, from de University of Costa Rica, where he has worked as a junior professor since 2010, teaching courses on social psychology, gender and sexuality. Since 2014, he has been engaged in an affective and participatory action research with a community of transgender women in San José. He is a trans feminist activist, currently participating in Paris in the migrant-based organization “Guarichas Cósmikas: batucada lesbo trans féministe, anti raciste, decolonial”. Identifies as trans non-binary, any pronouns are fine.

Ivis Saraí Villarreal Mendoza

Ivis image

My name is Ivis Saraí Villarreal Mendoza. I was born and raised in Venezuela, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in social work focused on women’s rights.

Some time after graduation, I worked at one of my country’s most ambitious social projects: a rehabilitation center for homeless transgender women. This innovative effort came with significant challenges. Working there changed my perspective, helping me to see more critically an exclusionary system that segregates transgender women. At the same time, I worked at a childcare center as a kindergarten assistant and volunteered in a group that encouraged women to use the bicycle as a means of transportation in my car-dominated home town of Caracas. I now reside in Berlin, Germany where I just finished my MA in Social Work as a Human Rights Profession at Alice Salomon University. I wrote my thesis on how Venezuela’s failure to legally recognize transgender people affects their access to government food packages amid severe shortages during the current economic, social and political crisis.

Amanda Beatrice

Amanda Beatrice image

Kamanda Bosco also known as Amanda Bosco Beatrice is a transgender activist and human rights defender advocating for gender, LGBTI rights, sexual and reproductive health rights where she reaches out to grassroot communities including young key populations through the African Queer Youth Initiative (AQYI). She is the co-chair of inclusion and diversity with the Society of Gender Professionals (SGP). Kamanda is a civic graduate of the Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) and part of the Commonwealth Youth council on committee representing special interest groups. She has also worked with the youth coalition for sexual and reproductive Rights (YCSRR) and the UN women informal reference group on LGBTI issues. Kamanda is currently finishing an undergraduate degree in Business administration and also working at Transgender Equality Uganda as a programs assistant.

Arpita Phukan Biswas

I’m currently a Doctoral Researcher in Sociology Indian Institute of Technology- Bombay.
Previous papers that I’ve presented include Unwilling to Suspend Disbelief: A Story of why Sexual Subjectivity is Always Already Immanent at the IV European Geographies and Sexualities Conference in 2017. I presented Sexy State in Sexed-Up Subjects at the 8th Global Meet for The Persons and Sexualities Project in 2015, and Persons involved in Section 377 of IPC at the International Conference for Legal Pluralism (2016), and finally a paper on the theme of Transgressive Love, Intimacy and Violence at Chikitsa by Savitribai Phule Pune University (2015). I have also attended a fellowship on
Researching the Contemporary at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in Delhi (2015), completed a methodologies workshop on Caste and Marginalization at the Institute of Economic Growth (2014), and a course on Oral Histories at the Centre for Public History in Bangalore (2014).

Mijke van der Drift

Mijke van der Drift

I am an educator and philosopher working on nonnormative ethics and radical transfeminism. To go at things alone, like a masculine myth of unicity claims, will result in defeat. Internationalism and collectivism are the foundations of my education and philosophy. My filmic essays are made in collaboration with Alex Reuter and various participants. Not everyone knows what role they play – but everyone is fundamental, including audiences and discussants.

B Camminga

B Camminga (they/them) is a Postdoc at the African Centre for Migration & Society, Wits University, SA. Their first monograph Transgender Refugees & the Imagined South Africa: Bodies over Borders & Borders over Bodies was published by Palgrave in 2018. Their current book project, Beyond the Mountain: Queer Life in Africa’s ‘Gay Capital’ (Unisa 2019) with Dr Zethu Matebeni, explores the conflicting iterations of race, sex, gender and sexuality that mark the city of Cape Town.

Mauro Cabral Grinspan

Mauro Cabral Grinspan image

Mauro Cabral Grinspan is an Argentinian intersex & trans activist, currently serving as GATE’s Executive Director. He participated in the elaboration of the Yogyakarta Principles and the Yogyakarta Principles Plus Ten, as well as of the Gender Identity Law in Argentina, and edited the book Interdicciones. Escrituras de la Intersexualidad en Castellano. Mauro holds a major degree in History, and co-directs the Chair on Trans Studies at Buenos Aires University.

Wikke Jansen

Wikke Jansen image

Wikke Jansen is currently pursuing a PhD at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies. Her research focuses on the intersections of religion, activism and everyday life among queer communities in Bali, Java and Sulawesi. She has been active at different LGBTQ organizations, and has participated in conferences on Islam, gender and sexuality in both Indonesia and The Netherlands.

Matson Lawrence

Dr Matson Lawrence is a Research Associate at the University of Strathclyde, currently conducting research on intersectional lifecourse inequalities among LGBTQI+ people with CILIA-LGBTQI+. He formerly worked on the TransEDU action research project and online resource, and is co-author of Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary Students and Staff in Further and Higher Education: Practical Advice for Colleges and Universities (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2019). Matson has worked extensively with intersectional trans and LGBQ+ communities in the third and arts sectors.

Joao Gabriell

Joao Gabriell Capture décran 2019-05-20 à 08.14.39.png João Gabriell is a pan-African activist and writer originally from Guadeloupe. After several years in Paris, he lived in Marseille, where he received a political education from the FUIQP (United Front of Immigration and Working Class Neighborhoods), an organization for immigrants and the working class. In 2018 he joined the Panafricain-Umoja League, a political organization based in different West African countries, in the Caribbean and Europe. He writes a blog, “Le blog de João,” where he addresses topics on (neo)colonialism and it effects on African people and people of African descent living the West. He is also interested on how African emancipation can also include gender liberation. Next fall, he will be relocated in the United States to do a PhD in history at Johns Hopkins University on prison privatization in France

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