Logistics and Communications

The logistics and communications team for Transgender: Intersectional/International are:

valentinaaparicioValentina Aparicio: Logistics. Valentina is a third year English Literature PhD Candidate at the University of Edinburgh, where she also studied her MSc in Enlightenment, Romantic and Victorian Literature. Her research focuses in Romantic radical politics, particularly in the writings of Robert Southey. She studies how revolutionary movements in the Americas during the Romantic era affected Southey’s body of work and political ideas. More generally, she is interested in 19th century radical politics in the Americas (particularly South America and the Caribbean), Marxist postcolonial studies, and anything related to the Age of Revolutions.


Niki HolzapfelNiki Holzapfel: Communications. Niki is completing her doctorate in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh where she tutors in English and Scottish Literature. Her research interests include American creative nonfiction and the intersection of autobiography and journalism. Her dissertation is tentatively titled “These American Lives: The Performance of the Unconventional Journalist.” She has worked in the University of Edinburgh’s communications team and is currently volunteering in high school creative writing workshops. 


Aran Ward SellAran Ward Sell: Website. Aran is a PhD candidate in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. His research is on contemporary Irish modernism and he has also published on ‘New Weird’ science fiction. Aran has worked as Digital Resources Officer at the School of Advanced Study at the University of London, and for the University of Edinburgh as an Intranet Development Project Officer and Web Content Editorial Assistant, as well as in public libraries, social media and copywriting.

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